San Francisco

Things were pretty, things were gritty. There were perfect hues on Victorian homes and smells of bread and opportunity. Mission Dolores park was spilling over with people. It felt like the whole world was laying in the grass, soaking in the sunshine. A sort of silent roar made its way across the sea of friends. …


There is nothing boring about pursuing the Lord. In fact He's been pursuing you for — always. And, isn't that golden?


And just when You feel like You're all out of sorts —   And your poor Sweet mind is Lost in the fog —   He says My dear, All this means is I'm wrapping Up your prologue —   I've written so much More for you.

Track #7

I called you up last night. We shared a brief conversation. No phone in sight, It was the melody that connected me to you. I called you up last night. — that one song that makes me think of you


The greatest stories re: depth of faith, come from those who have recovered from the darkness. Once recovered, we can see that God is the grounds of existence, and when we let go, God lights us on fire, like the burning bush. But we do not disintegrate, we give off light — in the darkness.


You. In all your kindness. I get to sit front row to You. And watch as your charisma And light, uniquely transforms people's stories. You. With all your wit and wonder. I get to sit next to you. And wonder where you got that wit and wonder why I am lucky enough to sit next …

11:30 pm

The sun will rise and set regardless — What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us.   After all, our lives are comprised of small, simple moments that amount to a lifetime of cherished memories.

Sweet Little Routine

It is in the everyday things, the corners of places, aging pages of books, familiar scents, sounds; that I find myself and other people. There are pieces of  home everywhere I turn and that kind of knowing is the most comforting part of being human.  Together in the stillness, we let our sweet little routines collide.