Pop Rocks And Coke

Pop Rocks and Coke. The name of that Green Day song, obviously. Not so obviously, this title reminds me of the 8th grade graduation song my fellow 14 year old classmates chose to represent the undying love shared for each other, a love that developed during the many years we endured during that terrible thing named middle school.

“Where there’s truth
You know I’ll be there
Amongst the lies
You know I’ll be there
I’ll go anywhere
So I’ll see you there”

I highly doubt any of us really felt the gravity of these lyrics at that age. Not sure we truly savored those moments either. I’m still not winning any awards for that. You know, for savoring the moment for all that it is.

But, I think we all have the opportunity to sit down, criss cross apple sauce with our former tween selves. To sit down and share an honest conversation over our pop rocks and coke. I would tell tween me to hold onto the sweet memory of what my house always smelled of when I stepped in the door. I would tell the tween me to thank my mom for being a soft place to land when friends were mean or didn’t understand my heart. I would say “keep rocking that old tee shirt you love, you know the one with frogs playing sports on the front. Never waver from dressing in a way that expresses the joy inside of you.” We’d talk about our best days, the simple ones, sunset walks in the neighborhood, reruns of old tv shows, painting for hours on end and my many desperate attempts to be Avril Lavigne herself.

So now that we had the pop rocks and coke conversations, this whole savoring the moment thing can be a piece of cake which oddly goes so well with coke.

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