the thing about moving away, the thing about friends moving away, the thing about friends getting married, the thing about this change that puts space (physical or figurative) between loved ones is, the end result is always some sort of mourning. we mourn the loss of our closest and our dearest. we communicate, but we hope and wish and pray to make new, more memories with them. 

but the thing is, this too is a blessing. we have people to miss. we have these special humans were so connected to — that we miss them, like really and truly. many people can go their whole life half heartedly investing in other people and never really ever knowing them or hearing their story or knowing who they are and then never having much to miss. 

through misty eyes i can share my sheer joy, as much as my heart aches to have all my people in one place forever, im lucky ive got my people to miss. 

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