11:30 pm

The sun will rise and set regardless — What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us.   After all, our lives are comprised of small, simple moments that amount to a lifetime of cherished memories.

Pop Rocks And Coke

Pop Rocks and Coke. The name of that Green Day song, obviously. Not so obviously, this title reminds me of the 8th grade graduation song my fellow 14 year old classmates chose to represent the undying love shared for each other, a love that developed during the many years we endured during that terrible thing …

Sweet Little Routine

It is in the everyday things, the corners of places, aging pages of books, familiar scents, sounds; that I find myself and other people. There are pieces of  home everywhere I turn and that kind of knowing is the most comforting part of being human.  Together in the stillness, we let our sweet little routines collide.

Name Tag

"Hi, my name is deeply affected." A story we all know well. Some read it everyday & some pick it up from time to time. We humans affect each other. Our hellos, our glances, our I miss yous our you're doing greats. Whether we know it or not we all share this name, "deeply affected" …


the thing about moving away, the thing about friends moving away, the thing about friends getting married, the thing about this change that puts space (physical or figurative) between loved ones is, the end result is always some sort of mourning. we mourn the loss of our closest and our dearest. we communicate, but we …